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IHLA is a relevant, member-driven trade association, whose members share a passion for creating the world’s finest hardwood products, and a determination to maintain the sustainable productivity of our nation’s forest resources.

IHLA is a non-profit trade organization comprised of sawmills, wholesale brokers, equipment vendors, secondary manufacturers, loggers, landowners and others who recognize the benefits of working together on issues and projects for the good of the hardwood industry. Today, IHLA has members in 27 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

Unique to IHLA, however, is a rich tradition of volunteerism, one that provides powerful momentum and gets things done. Whether it’s championing a cause at the State Capitol or in Washington, pooling resources to provide value on insurance or joining forces for philanthropic causes, our members take pride in their ability to get results for the good of the entire industry


“On February 9, 1899, fewer than a dozen Hoosier hardwood lumbermen met at the Grand Hotel in Indianapolis to contemplate the increasingly complex problems of marketing hardwoods in a national market. Recognizing the need to organize themselves in order to maintain both their influence and their prosperity, these lumbermen founded the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association, which became a significant factor in the eventual integration of nationally-accepted marketing rules and practices. Continuing to the present, the IHLA has possessed the foresight to preserve not only its past, but also the history of the hardwood lumber industry.”
-Daniel Lee Clark
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Looking Ahead

Just as those leaders contemplated a national market in 1899, today our members are adjusting to the challenges and opportunities of a global marketplace. From certification programs to export regulations, to preserving your rights to free trade, the IHLA stays on the leading edge of both information and technology. As businesses continue to do more with less, IHLA is more valuable than ever in helping you stay informed, network with peers and customers, and benefit from working together for a common good.

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