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The information provided below has something for everyone. The resources you need, whether it be a lesson plan to use in your class room, a forestry program at a university or information on sustainability, are all at your fingertips. We have also implemented the IHLA Green Team, a grassroots effort to connect our members with their local schools. I hope you find this information beneficial and useful in the classroom and beyond.
–  Angie Capper, Pike Lumber Company, IHLA Education Committee Chair

IHLA’s Green Team is a growing, state-wide network of volunteers, who can assist teachers and schools with various instructional resources, including:

  • Providing you with an Arbor Day teaching kit. Please contact the Hardwood Forest Foundation for your kit here.
  • Delivering Careers in Forestry poster to be displayed in the high school guidance office.
  • Arranging tours of manufacturing facilities, or forestry field days.
  • Getting teachers enrolled for Project Learning Tree continuing education courses.
  • Providing information on industry scholarships and special events.

Please contact the IHLA office to find your local Green Team member.

Resources by Level

American Tree Farm System’s Family Activities – A collection of activities for families to use in the outdoors.
Arbor Day Nature Explore – Nature Explore is a complete research-based program of fun, effective resources to help educators, families, and others working to connect children with nature.
Fifty Trees of Indiana CD – (Grades 4-12)
Fifty Trees of Indiana Booklet – (Grades 4-12)
Forestry 1: Follow the Path – Explore different types of trees and tree parts, characteristics of different forests, what forests need to grow and thrive and the different products people get from trees and forests.
The Forest History Society
F.R.E.E. Network – An engaging website that contains resources, activities and links for teachers and students about forests and forest management.
Project Learning Tree – An award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents and community leaders.
Purdue Extension – The Education Store Purdue University Forestry and Natural Resources’ Teacher & Student Resources
Temperate Forest Foundation Teacher Resources – Offers numerous resources to assist teachers. Introduces teachers to the world of forestry and offers information through their Eco-Link publications, award-winning videos and other products.
United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Conservation Education
Discover the Forest – This PSA campaign aims to inspire tweens (aged 8-12) and their parents to re-connect with nature, experiencing it first-hand.  The campaign brings to life the joy and excitement kids have when they discover the wonders of nature, helping create interest in their environment and a lifelong relationship with it.
Educational in Nature – A series of environmental educational curriculum supplements designed to foster understanding and environmental awareness in the classroom.
Forestry 2: Reach for the Canopy – Take a closer look at the inner-workings of trees, explore forest change, learn about forest health concerns and discover the health benefits trees have on people.
F.R.E.E. Network – Find a vast number of resources that deal with the topic of forests and their management.
If Trees Could Talk – If trees could talk and we could listen, would we be wiser? The Forest History Society believes that we must understand the history of forests and their people in order to shape the future of people and their forests.
Indiana Woodland Steward Publication International Paper Learning Center – Designed to help our young people learn the importance of good forest stewardship.
Purdue University Forestry and Natural Resources’ Publications
Resource Conservation & Development
Society of American Foresters
Temperate Forest Foundation
The Natural Inquirer – A middle school science education journal created so that scientists can share their research with middle school students. Each article tells you about scientific research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service.
Wood is Good – Purdue University’s Wood Research Laboratory
The Woody Plant Seed Manual
Forestry 3: Explore the Deep Woods – Examine and distinguish different types of trees, look at forests on a global scale, learn to care for trees and think about how to conserve forests.
International Paper Learning Center – Designed to help our young people learn the importance of good forest stewardship.
Wood IS Green – Promoting an awareness of wood as the natural, renewable, sustainable, and environmentally – preferred building resource.